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Walmer Castle And Gardens

Location: CT14 7LJ

Get to know Wellington's career, discover the story of his life and see historic items originally owned by Wellington. Discover the beautiful view of the sea,  magnificent gardens and woodlands. Heritage and Horticulture award winning site on Trip Advisor with great reviews.

Wakehurst Place

Location: RH17 6TN

Discover a botanic garden with many more places to visit nearby. Wakehurst Place has the world's largest seed conservation project under the management of royal botanic gardens, kew.

Visit Guildford

Location: GU1 3AJ

Explore the medieval Guildford castle at the centre of Guildford town in southern England. Discover beautiful landscapes and gardens around the tower from the 17th Century town.

St Mary's House And Garden

Built in the 15th Century, this Historic house has beautiful gardens on 5 acres of land, is timber framed and contains magnificent cottage rooms.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Location: TW9 3AB

Royal Botanic Gardens is an international botanic research and educational site, which supports conservation  around the world. Discover science, horticulture and heritage.

Petworth House And Park

Location: GU28 0AE

Discover a 17th century country house in West Sussex, England. This Heritage site is in the care of the national trust and displays art collections. Explore the Petworth house park and discover the life of Elizabeth Ilive who lived there in the late 1780s.

Penshurst Place And Gardens

Location: PN11 8DG

Discover the house build in 1341 with beautiful gardens and parkland. Once owned by king Henry VIII, left to his son King Edward VI and occupied by the Sydney family for more than 460 years.

Pashley Manor Gardens

Location: TN5 7HE

Explore Magnificent English landscaping, historic gardens and woodland. Enjoy an amazing display of hundreds  varieties of flowers and discover more about the Pashley Manor house dating from 1550.

Painshill Park

Location: KT11 1AA

Explore the 18th century landscape garden create by Hon. Charles Hamilton whose  vision was to create living paintings in the style of a garden.

Michelham Priory House And Gardens

Location: BN27 3QS

Enjoy a great day out  with family in this historical house located in east Sussex, England. The house has 7 acres of land and gardens and a historic watermill. its a magnificent place for children and various activities.

Leeds Castle

Location: ME17 1PL

Explore beautiful parkland around this historic Norman stronghold. Have fan with the whole family as you explore the castle, museum, playground and beautiful gardens.


Location: NW3 7JR

Discover the beautiful surrounding of Kenwood house and explore a free collection of world-class art in the kenwood. There is plenty of  children activities with a relaxing atmosphere for every visitor.

Down House -Home of Charles Darwin

Location: BR6 7JT

Explore the house where  charles Darwin worked on the theories of evolution and discover how the great man developed these theories.  Explore Darwin's gardens,  Charles and Emma's Bedroom and food.

Hole Park Gardens

Location: TN17 4JA

Hole park gardens is a well known garden in Kent with a magnificent parkland, colourful plants, a woodland area with beautiful gardens.

High Beeches Woodland And Water Garden

Location: RH17 6HQ

Enjoy a collection of rare plants from different parts of the world and fine gardens. Relax and explore the wild flowers in this magical water garden.

Hever Castle And Gardens

Location: TN8 7NG

Discover the childhood home of Anne Boleyn , gardens and beautiful grounds.

Herstmonceux Castle And Gardens

Location: BN27 IRN

Explore the gardens and grounds of this historic castle dating back from the 15 century.

Great Compe Garden

Location: TN15 8QS

Visit one of the finest gardens with a paradise of flowers and nurseries.

Goodnestone Park Gardens

Location: CT3 1PL

one of the most exquisite places to explore in Kent. Enjoy the gardens, nurseries and relax with your family and friends.

Godinton House And Gardens

Location: TN23 3BP

Visit one of the finest gardens in Kent.

Fishbourne Roman Palace And Gardens

Location: PO19 3RQ

Discover gardens and mosaics in this internationally known historic aRoman residence in Britain.

Bedgebury National Pinetum

Location: TN17 2SJ

Explore a magnificent world of trees under the forestry commission of England.

Arundel Castle

Location: BN18 9AB

Discover the acient castle, impressive and stunning flora and enjoy various festivals throughout the year.

Belmont House And Gardens

Location: ME13 0HH

Enjoy and discover stunning grounds with your family and friends.

Eltham Palace And Gardens

Location: SE9 5QE

Explore these historic gardens  and the Eltham Palace.

Chiddingstone Castle

Location: TN8 7AD

Discover a historica site with a museum full of treasures which have been collected over time.

Borde Hill Garden

Location: RH16 1XP

A  must see place for horticultural enthusiasts with beautiful gardens and various events throughout the year


For more information about historic places such as monuments, famous castles and forts, visit the English Heritage website

places to visit, discover and enjoy

Arundel Castle


Discover the acient castle, impressive and stunning flora and enjoy various festivals throughout the year.

Contactless Payment


What is contactless payment?

Contactless payment enables you to pay for a product or service by taping your contacless card or device on a special card reader. There is no need to enter your pin number. The contactless devices use the same technology. When you hold the card or device next to the payment terminal, the chip inside emits radio waves. The reader uses the Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to secure the connection, pick up the signal and communicate with the device or card to process the payment. You will be notified by the reader or device if the payment was sucessfull or not.

Contactless cards have become so popular today with over £4.3 billion spent on contactless cards in the UK. They provide the advantage of quicker payment because you don't need to enter the card pin. Also you don't have to carry all your credit and debit cards in a wallet because you can store these cards on your device such as iphone and use them to process payment so you don't have to be looking for your purse of wallet all the time.

Due to the increased popularity, there are measures which have been put in place to improve security of payments for instance limiting the amount to spend on contactless payments so that cards can only be used make low value purchases. The current limit on contactless cards in the UK is £30. There is no limit on how much to spend if you use apple pay or samsung pay because your require a passcode to authorize the secure payment.

Banks say that contactless cards are safer than cash payments however, If your card is lost or stolen, someone could use it to make little purchases of up to the limit which is £30. It is important to report the card immediately to your bank. The person who stole or picked your card could quickly make purchases with it before its reported, so you can still lose money in this way.

Always make sure to check your bank satement for any fraudulent activity on your card. If you cant recall making any payment listed on the bank statement, report it to your bank immediately. Fraudsters have invented new ways to illegally process contacttless payments. Some one standing next to you could sneak up on your pocket and tap a device which can process payments from any contactless cards in your pocket. Be aware and find ways to secure your cards.

How to secure your contactless card

Be carefull where you keep your card
This is important especially if your travelling on publice transport like the underground. Scammers usually carry card readers which they can tap on your pocket or wallet without your knowledge. They can do this on many victims a day so be carefull. You can't be on the lookout for a special device because these criminals can use card reading apps installed on mobile devices.

Keep your cards in an RFID- blocking wallet
Your may be aware where your wallet is but someone could sneak very close to you without noticing and scan your contactless cards with a device. You can purchase a secure wallet which can protect your card. This wallet will block the radio waves between the card reader and your card.
Below is a few good ones you can use to protect your cards from fraud.

RFID/NFC Blocking Cards for Contactless Cards Protection

Blocking Card By Attenuo £8.99Blocking Card By Attenuo £8.99

18  Pack Alpine Rivers £8.01

Owfeel Pack of 15 £3.9916 Pack Blocking Sleeves £6.49

Use a very strong unique pin for your card if your device uses a pin or a certain pattern for authentication.
I advise you to use the pin because its more secure than the pattern. You should also make sure you don't use the same pin for unlocking device and authenticating the payment. Never use your personal information such as date of birth.

Stay with your card all the time.
Do not trust anyone with your card when making payments such as at a restaurant. You can't trust anybody by handing over your card to them.

You should check transactions on your card on a regular basis.
Report to your bank anything which looks unusual.


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