Here is a Few Things to help you get Better sleep

The Importance of Sleeping Well

Do you think sleeping switches the mind and body off? This is not true. During sleep, so many important processes including restoration, development, and strengthening of the body occur. According to various scientific studies, sleep is essential for good health and general wellbeing. One of the importance of sleep is to help your brain put together your memories. The information you take in when you are awake needs to be processed and stored. This is done during sleep. When you sleep, your memory will be able to perform better. Your body needs enough sleep in order to repair tissue, produce hormones, muscle growth, and restore.

How Much Sleep is Required

  • Adults 7-9 hours

  • 1-year-old: 11-14 hours

  • School Child: 9-11 hours

  • Teenager: 8-10 hours

Tips For Sleeping Well

  • Keep regular hours of sleep

  • Do more Exercise

  • keep your bedroom quiet and dark

  • Reduce intake of caffeine drinks

  • Maintain the optimum temperature in your bedroom (not too hot or too cold)

  • Reduce food and Alcohol intake

  • Keep your gadgets away

  • Relax properly before going to bed, for example, read a book

  • Invest in a comfortable bed to support your sleep

  • If you don't have dark curtains, use, an eye mask

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