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Get These active Knee Support for your workout

Knee Compression Sleeve - $9.95

ActiveGear believe in the power of movement. That's why we believe that every person should be free to move, exercise, and enjoy life - without restriction. ActiveGear knee sleeves are designed to give your joints the comfort and support they need - whether you're lifting weights or walking to work. They're the everyday solution to pain and discomfort in the lower body, using scientific research to offer practitioner-approved graduated therapy to the knee and surrounding muscles. The ActiveGear knee compression sleeve is designed to protect your knees so you have complete freedom of movement.Why the ActiveGear Fabric Knee Support?ActiveGear knee braces are manufactured from medical-grade materials. A clever anti-slip silicone gel ensures your knee sleeves stay in place throughout the most strenuous activity. The main body is a breathable mesh of heavy-duty latex and nylon which draws sweat and moisture away from the skin and supports the patella. Each knee compression sleeve is fully machine-washable and available in a range of sizes for 24-hour comfort.All physical activity puts your knees under stress. Impact sports like weightlifting, CrossFit or similar, create incredible tension, which can be alleviated by a knee brace. The ActiveGear compression knee sleeve offers support, and increases blood and oxygen flow, enhancing performance and recovery. When it comes to knee sleeves CrossFit athletes can wear these knee braces all day to reduce pain and swelling not only during but also after activity.

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