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CINEPEER Phone Gimbal Review

This is the cheapest Gimbal you can find on the market

In the present audit we will see an extraordinary less costly gimbal that needs to beat the opposition, or the Zhiyun Cinepeer C11

Will this item have figured out how to separate itself from its opponents or will it likewise show vulnerabilities regarding programming like other modest gimbals available? We should discover it in our article.


What's in the box?

Zhiyun Cinepeer C11

• USB charging cable - Micro USB

• The instruction manual 

Descriptions And Main Features

Record Your Stories Simply Everywhere

The C11 is an entry-level smartphone stabilizer with sophisticated features and design. As a videography partner with great value for money, it incorporates multiple modes for video creation and is easy for beginners to use. Overall, it is a perfect gimbal for professional filmmakers and amateurs, allowing you to explore unlimited possibilities that you can achieve with your smartphone.

Main Features:

● Steady Shots

With a 3-axis stabilization system that effectively reduces shaky footage, C11 delivers a smooth, seamless image for mobile videography.


● Landscape or Portrait

Easy to change the image orientation between landscape and portrait.


● Create with Various Modes

C11 offers four filming options: Pan Following mode, Lock mode, Full Following mode, and POV mode, inserting creativity into your photography.


● Dolly Zoom

Add an extra touch of cinematic style to your footage. Thanks to the zoom slider that allows for customizable speed, you can now recreate the famous Hitchcock Shot, also known as the Vertigo Effect, with your mobile devices.


● Timelapse / Motionlapse / Hyperlapse

Dive into vivid spatiotemporal transformation.


● Panorama

break through the limits of the lens and capture 360-degree scenes.


● Object Tracking

You can frame the object you want to track on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest. Shooting has never been so easy.


● Two-way Charging

The C11 can run for 12 hours in a row. And your phone can be charged by the gimbal via the USB port on the tilt axis.


● Ergonomic Grip

Thanks to its intelligent design, a comfortable grip fits your hand perfectly and helps you create your works without limitations.


● High-Quality Materials & Exquisite Workmanship

ABS shell material, injection molding technology with point paint, artistic and durable.


● ZY Play App

The app supports parameter adjustments, stabilizer manipulation, and various shooting functions. You can share your video to the Laita community, where users post their own videos and share their thoughts.



1. Please balance the gimbal before use.

2. Please go to Zhiyun’s official website to download the ZY Play App, or search the mobile phone application store for "ZY Play" and download it.





Camera Integration



Following the Shooting Mode

Rolling Angle


App setting


Panning Angle


Model Number


Support Remote Control


Vertical Shooting


Weight (g)






Supported Mobile Device Max size

6.0 Inch

Charging For Mobile Device



ZHIYUN Official Cinepeer C11 3-Axis Phone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Dolly Zoom Panorama for iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei Vivo Smartphone - United Kingdom

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