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Nutritional Supplements

Organic supplements are the better choice when it comes to weight loss, improving daily intakes and post-workout recovery. Swap synthetic supplements with organic supplements as they are much healthier. Synthetic supplements may contain other chemicals. There is scientific proof that organic supplements provide your body with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which are easy to absorb by the body. Organic supplements offer the same benefit as eating fruits and vegetables and this can help you reduce the risk of disease. They are suitable for vegetarians and most are gluten-free. You can add it to your favorite smoothie and enjoy a healthy drink without all the bad stuff. 

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What is Omega-3 ?

This is a type of fatty acids which are vital and are necessary for normal human health. The human body cannot make these fatty acids on its own. We should get them from our daily diet. The three essential omega-3 fatty acids are Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which we cannot make in our bodies, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA and DHA can be produced from the ALA fatty acids in our bodies.

Your body needs omega-3 because it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 is also essential for pregnant women and breastfeeding for healthy babies, their growth and development.

Food sources of Omega-3

Vegetable oils including rapeseed oil

Nuts mainly walnuts and seeds including chia, pumpkin, flax, and hemp.

Green leafy vegetables

Some foods are enriched with omega-3 like eggs, yogurt, bread and some types of milk.

Omega-3 can also be consumed through supplements. There are so many omega-3 supplements on the market but it is advisable to get it from food sources like the ones above.

Source: Nourished life the UK

Sports water

Why you should drink sports water

 To overcome this problem of lack of B vitamins in the body, try drinking sports water during your workout. Sports water is a unique and pioneered hydration solution intended for those who hit the gym and engage in other sports activity. This water can be obtained from bottles or hydration stations found in the gyms. Yanga sports water is a good example that is gaining popularity recently and can be found in most gyms around town.

Take advantage of this innovative water to help you replace B vitamins in your body, hydrate you and make your body feel great. This water contains added vitamins including B1, B3, B5, B6 and B8 and comes in different flavors. Forget about the fancy flavors, this water is sugar-free, has fewer calories and will give you strength, before, during and after your workout. Drink sports water on every gym visit to improve your body’s performance.

What are B Vitamins And Where To Find Them


Where can you find B Vitamins?

Below are the common food sources containing B vitamins, You will also get to know the scientific names for each B vitamin and what it does in the human body. You don't have to get confused when you come across a different name.

Vitamin B1 (scientifically called Thiamin)

This Vitamin helps the body to release energy from carbohydrates. It helps to maintain the body’s nervous system and muscular tissue functionality.

You can get this B vitamin from ham, fishes, whole grains and wholegrain bread, wholegrain cereal, fortified breakfast cereals fresh fruits, dried fruits.

Vitamin B2 (scientifically called Riboflavin)

This B vitamin also helps the body to release energy from carbohydrates. It aids the release of energy from fat and protein foods.

It helps to maintain healthy skin.

It maintains a healthy mucous membrane.

It helps the body in the use of iron for producing red blood cells and regulating the blood.

It helps in reproductive health, growth, and development.

You can get this B vitamin by eating lean meat, eggs, dairy products, rice, leguminous foods, baked products, green leafy vegetables, and fortified breakfast cereals.

Vitamin B3 (scientifically called Niacin)

This B vitamin helps to release the energy from the food we eat. It maintains the proper functioning of the body’s nervous system, keep the skin healthy and maintains the mucous membrane.

You can get this B vitamin from eggs, milk, vegetables including the green leafy ones, nuts, and fish

Vitamin B5 (Scientifically called Pantothenic acid)

This B vitamin is essential for the release of energy from fat.

You can get it by eating chicken, oats, wholegrain bread, cereals including fortified breakfast cereals and beef.

Vitamin B6 (Scientifically called Pyridoxine)

Helps the body to release energy from carbs and proteins.

Helps in the use of Iron in the body and production of red blood cells.

It helps to maintain the normal level of the amino acid called homocysteine whose high levels are linked to the development of heart disease. Maintaining this amino acid is done together with the help of Vitamin B9 and B12.

Vitamin B6 produces a chemical called serotonin, sometimes called the happy chemical which helps to regulate your body’s mood.

You can get this B vitamin from nuts, green and red lentils, wholegrain bread, cereals, bananas, chicken, fishes, courgettes and liver.

Vitamin B9 (Scientifically called Folate)

This B vitamin is vital for growth and development by supporting cell division.

It aids in the formation of the body’s red blood cells.

It helps to prevent spinal Bifida, a neural tube defect which can occur in unborn babies.

You can get this vitamin from vegetables including the green and leafy ones, yeast, oranges, breakfast cereals, and whole grains.

Vitamin B12 (Scientifically called Cobalamin)

Aids growth and development by facilitating cell division in the body.

Helps the body to manufacture red blood cells.

Maintains the functionality of the body’s nervous system.

Sources of vitamin B 12 include kidney, eggs, cereals, liver, whole grains, and fish.


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You have probably heard of yoga or maybe you want to try it out. Yoga is becoming one of the most popular workouts for weight loss, flexibility, and building body strength. Many people are trying to fit yoga into their day-to-day activities. Yoga is far beyond just working out and keeping in good shape. Said to have originated from India over 26,000 years ago, this philosophy is not only becoming a way of life for people but also great for relaxation, reducing stress, exercising and spirituality. With yoga, you can do a lot with your body’s health and awareness.

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You will find so many yoga channels and videos on; which feature access to the world’s top instructors who are always ready to share their knowledge and gifts with you. You can be part of this community through training courses for instructors which available for those passionate about becoming yoga teachers. Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

If you love yoga, this I definitely the right website to visit. You will learn different yoga poses including the popular headstand and shoulderstand and browse through thousands of yoga songs for relaxation and wellness while you take your classes. There are so many benefits of yoga such as sleeping better, improving self-confidence, balance, and stamina to name but a few. Subscribe to our membership program or try it for $1 to begin this incredible journey with us. All you need to get started is a mobile device and you can start living a good life from the privacy of your home or anywhere. Visit our blog for more information and join our community of over 200,000 members and take yoga anywhere. 

Low Sugar Drinks

Recommended Soft Drinks

As the nation faces a challenge of fighting obesity in both children and adults. Below is a list of soft drinks recommended for drinking.

  • 7 up Free - Lemon and lime fizzy drink
  • Britvic Indian Tonic water
  • J2O -The nations favorite adult drink with low sugar and great taste
  • J2O Spritz -Sparkling low sugar juice drink
  • Pepsi Max- A global cola drink more preferred to coke zero with no added sugar and perfect for everyone.
  • Purdeys -Contains no added sugar, free from artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners, and preservatives. Made with naturally occurring sugar
  • Robinsons- Contains no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavourings and the 2nd most consumed drink in the United Kingdom
  • Robinson fruit Shoot - Made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients with a great balance of juice and water both at 50%.  Can be sold in schools across the UK.
  • Tango Sugar-Free- Tango apple has a small amount of natural sugar for a good taste. Contains low calories with only 18 calories in each serving.
  • Whites Premium Lemonade - Sugar-Free with only 9 calories in each serving.

Drinks To Avoid

Regular Pepsi - A 16oz glass of regular Pepsi contains 12 cubes of sugar(192) calories. These are more than the recommended daily intake for adults. 

For more info, visit CGA and Britvic 

Want to start a blog?

By visiting this website, you now have an idea of what a blog is. Today you will learn about blogs and bloggers.

What is a blog and who is a blogger?

A blog is a website like this one which is updated on a timely basis with any type of content like photos, text, and videos. On a blog, you can express your opinions or interests depending on what the blog is about. Most blogs are created by individuals although there are many others which are run by a team, for example, a magazine blog. Most of these blogs reflect the character, interest or personality of the creator. People who write blogs are called bloggers and there are millions of bloggers out there from all ages and walks of life.

Why do people Blog?

People blog to talk about issues, share knowledge and experiences, as a hobby, create a community or be part of it, career objectives and keep in touch with friends and family. Whatever the reason for blogging, you need to be passionate about what you blog.

You can also blog for money for example advertising and selling products on the blog however monetizing your blog will take some time. You can blog about just anything you like, the imagination is limitless.

When you read so many blogs, you can learn about many things. It can be hard to keep up with a large number of blogs to read. To make it easy to read many blogs and stay updated, you can subscribe to these blogs using RSS feeds. When you subscribe to your favorite blogs, it keeps you updated, saves time and you get feeds from interesting blogs.

Example of RSS reader includes FeedlyFeedspotThe Old Reader. These are easy to use and you can easily subscribe to blogs.

You can also subscribe to a major blog on a smartphone or tablet using RSS feeds from news reader apps such as Flipboard. These are designed for mobile devices.

Choosing a blog service for your blog?

After you have designed your blog, you need to choose a blog service. This will help you to edit, create, update and maintain the blog, host the blog and store its data. You can employ a traditional service or opt for a microblog.

Traditional services include Wordpress and BloggerWordPress is the most popular traditional blogging service.

 The most popular microblogging services include TumblrPinterest, and Twitter. Other sites include Facebook, Instagram, and any other social network.

The difference between Traditional blogging services and Microblogs is that Traditional services offer more options for creating, editing, updating and posting content while the functionality of the microblogs is limited. The choice is yours.

That’s all I have to say about blogging. Come back regularly to this site to read more interesting topics.

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