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Interruption Marketing Vs Permission Marketing 

What comes to your mind when someone talks about marketing?

 The simplest definition for marketing is promoting products and services. You have to understand that Marketing is a very broad term and not straight forward as you think it is. On top of promoting products and services, it includes market research and advertisement. For most businesses, it will include the selling part. Most businesses do exist to make a profit therefore marketing should be present in all areas of the business from start to end.

It is not always the case that all businesses exist to make a profit for instance charity organizations. Do these organizations need to promote products or services? Do they need to sell anything? Regardless of the reason why a company or organization exists, marketing is a necessary component of any business or company.

How do you promote a product or service?

Interruption marketing

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Interruption marketing refers to the type of marketing where any marketing activity is aimed at interrupting the viewer’s attention. The main goal of the advert is to capture the attention of everyone so that they can pick interest in your product or service. Examples include TV Adverts, Radio adverts, print Adverts, aggressive Spam email, direct email, and Telemarketing. The marketer will normally generate “shouting” Ads that are intended to grab your attention such as leaflets and billboards.

The Pros of Interruption Marketing

This method of promoting products or services offers quick results especially when a business needs to increase sales volume.

The Cons of Interruption Marketing

Most consumers find this type of marketing to be annoying. Bombarding your customers with a large number of marketing ads or messages on a daily basis will result in most ads being ignored.

This type of marketing lacks a defined target audience as messages are simply broadcasted to anyone and everyone. The target audience is too broad and there is no personalization. This may lead to a wastage of time and resources.

It is an expensive method of marketing. Since there is no specific target audience, companies have to set aside big budgets for advertising.

The Return on Investment (ROI) on advertising is low due to the large number of resources used within a small period of time.

Marketing campaigns have to constantly be renewed after a specific period of time. It is tedious to launch a new campaign after the period for the current one expires.

Historically there are many downsides of interruption marketing. If you want to continue using this method of marketing to win customers, try to make it less annoying. You could use few pop-up ads on your website and easily enable customers to close them. Allow customers to easily unsubscribe from junk email if they are not interested. These few practices can help to develop customer respect and trust for the business.

Permission marketing

This is the type of marketing where you get a person’s permission to send them personalized or relevant messages. In this case, you have real permission to deliver ads or messages to customers. You need to make sure that the customers have opted in to receive marketing emails from your company. This will improve trust and engagement with your business.

 Note: Having a customer’s email does not give your company the right to contact them.

The pros of Permission Marketing

This is the most cost-effective method of marketing. The online tools used for marketing such as social media cost less. You can deliver your message anytime and any day hence reducing the general cost of marketing.

This method of marketing has a very high conversion rate. Your leads can easily be turned into sales through continuous engagement with an audience that is already interested in your products and services.

You can run personalized campaigns that target a specific audience for instance gender. This is an effective way to engage with the customers.

Your company is likely to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. This is because you can easily interact with customers on a daily basis through tools like social media.

The Cons of Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is a slow process. It takes time to set up the right campaigns and to start achieving the needed results.

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The Importance of Sleeping Well

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How Much Sleep is Required

  • Adults 7-9 hours

  • 1-year-old: 11-14 hours

  • School Child: 9-11 hours

  • Teenager: 8-10 hours

Tips For Sleeping Well

  • Keep regular hours of sleep

  • Do more Exercise

  • keep your bedroom quiet and dark

  • Reduce intake of caffeine drinks

  • Maintain the optimum temperature in your bedroom (not too hot or too cold)

  • Reduce food and Alcohol intake

  • Keep your gadgets away

  • Relax properly before going to bed, for example, read a book

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  • If you don't have dark curtains, use, an eye mask

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