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low sugar Drinks

Recommended Soft Drinks

As the nation faces a challenge of fighting obesity in both children and  adults. Below is a list of soft drinks recommended for drinking.

  • 7 up Free - Lemon and lime fizzy drink
  • Britvic Indian Tonic water
  • J2O -The nations favourite adult drink with low sugar and great taste
  • J2O Spritz -Sparkling low sugar juice drink
  • Pepsi Max- A global cola drink more preferred to coke zero with no added sugar and perfect for everyone.
  • Purdeys -Contains no added sugar, free from artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives. Made with naturally occuring sugar
  • Robinsons- Contains no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavourings and the 2nd most consumend drink in the United Kingdom
  • Robinson fruit Shoot - Made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients with a great balance of juice and water both at 50%.  Can be sold in schools across the UK.
  • Tango Sugar Free- Tango apple has small amount of natural sugar for a good taste. Contains low calories with only 18 calories in each serving.
  • Whites Premium Lemonade - Sugar Free with only 9 calories in each serving.

Drinks To Avoid

Regular Pepsi - A 16oz glass of regular pepsi contains 12 cubes of sugar(192) calories. These are more than the recommended daily intake for adults. 

For more info, visit CGA and Britvic 

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