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The Rise of Diet Trends

Are the striking weight loss claims by these trends true?

Diets trends have increased in popularity and many have endorsements from celebrities. All these diet trends have one on two things in common. They make working claims that haven't been backed by clear and true scientific evidence. They are commercially motivated. These trends restrict your diet intake, most are expensive and will require you to cut certain essential food types from your diet.

These diet trends could help you achieve those much needed short term results, such as weight loss but once you stop following these diet trends, because you cannot sustain for long, you quickly gain weight or other side effects. Some people today avoid certain food ingredients as part of a healthy lifestyle while others avoid certain foods due to allergy and intolerance.

Some of the most popular diets, Pros, and cons of following them.

The Akins diet

This diet trend involves removing or limiting carbs in your diet. They claim that the body will burn down the fat to produce energy instead of carbohydrates.

With this diet trend, you can achieve weight loss so quickly and feel satisfied because of high protein intake.

This diet is not suitable for the long term.

You may feel sick and constipated because of eliminating or limiting carbs and fiber from your diet

You will end up consuming more fat saturated in the protein foods.

Intermittent Fasting

This diet is followed on a weekly basis where you have five days of normal eating and two days of eating calorie restricted food.

You are most likely to feel dizzy when you skip out some meals. This can be irritating to your body.

It will result in reduced energy intake during the five days as the body tries to make amends for the other two days.

This concept of intermittent fasting is not scientifically studied.

The Caveman Diet

This diet is based on eating foods like ones ancestors would eat, the ones with low carbs and high protein.

 It encourages the eating of more vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

 It excludes processed foods and those containing sugar which is refined.

Your body will feel satisfied most of the time because of eating high protein.

Some essential food group will be excluded for instance dairy products, cereal, and grains.

This diet trend has no scientific truth and is difficult to follow.

The Alkaline diet

The aim of this diet is to cut out the consumption of the so-called food which produces acid.

This diet can help you reduce or cut the consumption of unhealthy processed food and alcohol.

It encourages you to eat more healthy food such as fruits, veggies, and leguminous foods.

It is suitable for vegetarians because you avoid foods such as meat, dairy products, and eggs.

An alkaline diet is so restrictive and the hardest to follow. It will require you to stop the consumption of certain foods. Scientifically it is not recommended to cut out an entire food group from your diet.

The Detox Diet

This is the easiest diet to follow as most of the ingredients are already suggested. It is an expensive diet trend therefore difficult to sustain.

Most detox diets are based on claims of cleansing the body or losing weight so the scientific evidence is not true and health benefits are not clear.

Other Diet Trends

Besides the above diet trends, there is growing diet trends which encourage you to eat food which is free from certain ingredients. These include the likes of sugar-free, dairy free, and gluten-free diets. These diets could benefit those who are allergic or intolerant to certain ingredients. The scientific truth is there is no need to follow these so-called healthy diets as excluding part or an entire food group can result in a serious health problem.

The Balanced Diet

There is no diet out there that can be compared to a balanced diet. Always eat a healthy diet and avoid following these misleading diets. You can lose weight by eating well and exercising on a regular basis. Some of these diets could lead to extreme weight loss which will result in a negative effect on your health. Losing more than a kilogram a week will put your health at risk.


What is Fibre?

Why do you need fibre?

Where do you get fibre?

Your digestive system needs to be kept healthy at all times. Fibre is found in food obtained from plants. It is essential for keeping a healthy digestive system.

Fibre is grouped into two main types called soluble fibre and insoluble fibre.

Soluble fibre can be dissolved in liquid and digestive system. It aids the prevention of constipation and helps to regulate cholesterol.

Food which contain soluble fibre include fruits such as apples and bananas and vegetables or leguminous foods like peas and carrots.

The digestive system cannot break down insoluble fibre therefore its main role is to help the movement of food down the digestive system faster by providing that bulk.

Insoluble fibre will help your body to maintain a healthy bowel while facilitating the movement of food in the gut. This type of fibre can be found in most cereals, plant seeds, nuts and brown rice.

 You are advised to have a healthy balanced diet in order to get enough fibre.  Study shows that you should aim to eat at least 30g of fibre every day in order to lower the risk coronary heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer.

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Why You Should Drink Sports Water

I recently published an article about the essential B vitamins you need in your body. Vitamins are vital for our body’s normal functions, the body cannot make B vitamins or other vitamins in general. For this reason, daily B vitamin intake is important. There are many foods which contain B vitamins. You can read about these foods from my recent post. Today, most of us live a busy life and therefore will not get the time to eat or make a good balanced diet, or you are just too lazy to do it. You will eat unhealthy foods and become deficient from B vitamins and other vitamins in general.

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What are B Vitamins And Where To Find Them

What are B Vitamins?

You have probably heard of these from your nutritionist, at the gym or fitness magazine. B vitamins play an important role in a number of metabolic processes taking place in our bodies- including the release of energy from the food we eat and maintaining proper functioning of our body’s immune system.

The body cannot create B vitamins itself therefore we have to get them through diet. Like any other vitamins, we only require small quantities of B vitamins. You can get these by eating a healthy balanced diet which is varied. Deficiency from B vitamins can impact severely on your health.

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