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By visiting this website, you now have an idea of what a blog is. Today you will learn about blogs and bloggers.

What is a blog and who is a blogger?

A blog is a website like this one which is updated on a timely basis with any type of content like photos, text and videos. On a blog, you can express your opinions or interests depending on what the blog is about. Most blogs are created by individuals although there are many others which are run by a team for example a magazine blog. Most of these blogs reflect the character, interest or personality of the creator. People who write blogs are called bloggers and there are millions of bloggers out there from all ages and walks of life.

Why do people Blog?

People blog to talk about issues, share knowledge and experiences, as hobby, create a community or be part of it, career objectives and keep in touch with friends and family. Whatever the reason for blogging, you need to be passionate about what you blog.

You can also blog for money for example advertising and selling products on the blog however monetising your blog will take some time. You can blog about just anything you like, the imagination is limitless.

When you read so many blogs, you can learn about many things. It can be hard to keep up with a large number of blogs to read. To make it easy to read many blogs and stay updated, you can subscribe to these blogs using RSS feeds. When you subscribe to your favourite blogs, it keeps you updated, saves time and you get feeds from interesting blogs.

Example of RSS reader include FeedlyFeedspotThe Old Reader. These are easy to use and you can easily subscribe to blogs.

You can also subscribe to a major blogs on a smartphone or tablet using RSS feeds from news reader apps such as Flipboard. These are designed for mobile devices.

Choosing a blog service for your blog?

After you have designed your blog, you need to choose a blog service. This will help you to edit, create, update and maintain the blog, host the blog and store its data. You can employ a traditional service or opt for a microblog. Traditional services include Wordpress and BloggerWordPress is the most popular traditional blogging service. The most popular microblogging services include TumblrPinterest and Twitter. Other sites include Facebook, Instagram and any other social network. The difference between Traditional blogging services and Microblogs is that Traditional services offer more options for creating, editing, updating and posting content while the functionality of the microblogs is limited. The choice is yours.

That’s all I have to say about blogging. Come back regularly to this site to read more interesting topics.

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