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Sneaker Types

Sneakers come in all shapes ans sizes. This is a broad topic but lets start with the basics.

There are three common sneakers types that are on the market today called low-top, mid-top and high-top.



These do not cover the ankle and are the most common type of  sneakers. Due to their lightweight, they are great for the summer time.

alt      Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 Beluga

Popular Categories of Low-Tops

Runners are the most common types in this category. Theirs sales have grown in the last 5 years. Nike has made this category most popular with the Roshe Trainers and currently every other brand produces athletic sneakers. Today Adidas is leading the way with their ultra boost and the NMD and  have teamed up with Kanye West to create one of the most sold out kicks on the year "Adidas Yeezy  Boost 350 V2".

alt   Nike Roshe Run

Skate Shoes

This category of low-tops ins designed to be lightweight and mainly made of leather and canvas. They offer a completely different look appealing to a certain group of people with their durability and thicker soles. The most popular ones on the market today are Vans. Old skool and era are the most known varieties by Vans.

alt        Vans Old Skool Black White

There are many other types of Low-Tops on the Market today that have not been included here like the adidas stan smith, Nike Air Force one and others.

Mid-Top Sneakers

These lye between the High-Top and Low-Top and cover the ankles. There is a number of awesome sneakers coming out  in this type today include the Yeezy Boost 550 and The Nike Air Presto.

alt      Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Grove 

High-Top Sneakers

These cover the ankles fully. They are made better for the winter than the summer and are bulky and heavier on the feet. They are less common in menswear and mostly found in the streetwear.

alt   Yeezy 750 Boots

Categories of High-Top Sneakers

Basketball Sneakers

The most popular basketball sneakers found in streetwear are the Air Jordans. These include the A-J 1, A-J 3, A-J 4 and A-J 11.

 alt     Air Jordan 1 Retro High

Many other High-Tops come in different forms but the basketball inspiration is often seen with the designs. These include converse and SK8 Hi, and others like the Nike Blazer and Margiela Future. I have tried to name a few common high-tops as the list is endless. There are many crazy designs for high-tops like the Rick Owens out there on the market.

The Popular Sneaker Brands Now


This is one of the most successful sneaker brand ever known on the market today. They have the most successful line of basketball sneakers "The Air Jordans".


These have a great appeal in the fashion industry and are very popular although Nike is still the most successful. They are currently doing may designer collaborations with popular celebrities such as Kanye West and Many Football stars. Because of their unique design marketing techniques, their sales are sky rocketing.


This Brand has an amazing presence in the streetwear and dorminates the skate shoe market today. Their brand of sneakers is simple, attractive, durable and versatile.

The brands above are the most popular but there are other great brands out there that command a strong market share including converse, Puma, New Balance, Saucony, Asics and others.

Designer Sneakers

Many designers produce great sneakers if you got the money. Some popular ones include Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Margiela, Dolce and Gabana and Fear of God 


Where To Buy Sneakers

 most popular sneaker stores include: